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August 26, 2005

I'm having trouble with all the scripts installed on both domains not sending emails. If someone joins something or buys something they receive no confirmation email like it should. It use to work fine and then all sudden it stops.

Both of my domains are hosted by the same company so maybe something is going wrong, but I don't know what it would be. Also, I couldn't send email from outlook with my email accounts from the domains until I got in contact with SBC Yahoo Dsl. I had to fill out a form to be opted out of port 25. Now the email will send from outlook, but it still will not send with the scripts. I really need help because I'm not getting anywhere with this. If anybody knows anything or thinks they can help please let me know. Believe me I can use all the help I can get. : c o n f u s e d : 

My online business has been going great. I'm selling off of,, and If you would like to find my items on or my username is woundsthatbleed. Just to let you know the prices are usually cheaper at They are cheaper because at Amazon and Half they charge a fee everytime you sell an item. I would love to have more customers. : c u t e : 

August 15, 2005

I bought a new domain. It's It is for the anime store I told you I was going to open. I'll be adding new inventory all the time. You can go and buy from me right now!

I also put a dvd burner in my empty bay today. I've been messing with it since after nine tonight. : c o o l :  Today was the first day of school for my brother. He didn't seem to be in a very good mood when he got home from football practice. I think it's because he found out last week he has a defect in his spine and so he can't play football anymore even though he's still on the team. He's really depressed about it because football is his life. He can't even think about playing in college now. I feel bad for him. If he hadn't got hurt back in April we wouldn't even know about it. I'm glad we found out though because the doctor said if he gets hit the wrong way it could paralyze him. We now know he has to be more careful. He can still compete in track and powerlifting so he can do some sports. My parents seem to be bummed about it too. Anyway, everyone in the house has been acting kind of gloomy and it's depressing. : f r o w n : 

I've been trying to keep busy by working on the domain and swimming. It's been raining here alot so I have to swim whenever there is a break of nice weather before it starts again. Please go buy from : c u t e : 

August 7, 2005

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but my site has been experiencing some downtime. : g r r :  I've contacted my host and he has told me they are trying to resolve it. Everyone that is hosted here should update their scripts because of a virus. This is the email is just received from my host:

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for the downtime, these past few days.
There was some sort of virus on some peoples' files on the servers. We now need the help from everyone. You must update or upgrade your scripts. This virus was found on files from photo galleries. So make sure you update your scripts for photo galleries, forums, chat rooms, guest books, blog scripts [haloscan, b2, greymatter...], etc...
Thank You for your time.
[email protected]

I just wanted to pass the message along to my hostees so they would know what was going on. Now all of you know just as much as I do about the whole thing. I just hope it gets solved really soon. : b l a n k : 

I didn't do very much today. It was really cloudy and gloomy all day so I slept in incredibly late. Then after I got out of bed I stayed in the living room watching the Sopranos while it rained. Our dish doesn't work when it storms and that's the dvd my Dad wanted to watch. It rained quite a bit because we had to go out while it was raining to pump some of the water out of the pool because it was about to run over. I came in dried off and got a bite to eat and watched more Sopranos.

Later I went swimming until after dark. I was in the pool and there is this cable line that goes across our yard over our pool to the pole and I noticed something crawling across it. When the creature came closer I noticed it was a big rat running across the line. I ran straight out of the pool and stumped my toe on the step like a fool. : o u c h :  I noticed I had forgotten my towel on the chair near the pool steps so I had to run back and get it as my toe was bleeding. I sat on the patio chair waiting to dry off and I noticed more rats were crossing the line over our pool. There was tons of them it was really creepy and gross.

We have this neighbor that lives across the alley and they have a junkie backyard and the rats were traveling over there. There was so many it was like something out of a bad horror movie. : y e l l :  I didn't wait to finish drying off I just ran in the house and went straight to bathroom because I was dripping everywhere. I had to finish drying off in the bathroom and the whole time is thinking of the nasty rats. I always knew stuff like that lived around us, but I had no clue that so many did. It has to be some sort of health hazard or something. : s t i c k : 

Anyway, it was a really frightening experience at the time even though now I know I completely overreacted. I know from now on if I'm out swimming at night I'm going to be looking up more then I will be swimming. : s h o c k : 

July 30, 2005

My computer crashed on Tuesday and I'm just now getting everything some what straightened out. : m a d :  If anyone has emailed me and I didn't get back with you it's because they were all lost. I know some people sent me stuff so if I didn't get back with you please email again.

I also got a new hard drive for my computer. : c o o l :  It's a Maxtor 200 GB hard drive. That was the same brand that came in my Dell so I figured I would buy the same brand. My old hard drive was small. It only had 18 GB. I was always having to watch my space and now I don't have to worry about it. It's really nice.

I'm thinking about opening my own anime store. I'm not sure if I'm going to, but it's an idea I've thinking about for awhile. Tell me what you think about it. : b i g g r i n :