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21. 2/9/84. Dallas. Lives In Mesquite. Bi. Single. Shy. Different. Creative. Liberal. Rock. Concerts. Deep Ellum. Hot Topic. Counter Culture. Moda. Mxpx. Taking Back Sunday. Marilyn Manson. Him. A Perfect Circle. No Doubt .Rancid. Slick Shoes. The Distillers. Flute. Guitar. Viola. Poetry. Drawing. Photography. Books. Movies. Video Games. Buffy. Six Feet Under. Carnivale. The Sopranos. Dead Like Me. The L Word. Huff. South Park. Witch Hunter Robin. The Vampire Chronicles. Eyeliner. Black. Nail Polish. Johnny Depp. Angelina Jolie. Jeordie White. Ville Valo. Maynard J Keenan. Trent Reznor. Davey Havok. Guys Are Sexy With Makeup. Layout Whore. Hair Dye. Dead Monday, April 23, 2063. Worth $2,272,060.00
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Bleed Black
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Date- 03/02/05
Drinking- Nothing
Eating- Nothing
Feeling- Stressed
Listening- To Aqua Teen on the tele
Looking- Emails
Wanting- Love and Gifts
Wearing- Tropic of Texas Music Festival shirt and grey pj pants
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Q. Do you wear... socks?
A. Sometimes if my feet are cold. Also, when I wear certain pairs of shoes.
Asked: 03.28.05 Answered: 03.29.05

Q. If i could cure you of all illnesses would you want me to? :P
A. I would be great if you could make me well, but we all know you can't do that. If you could though I would want you. I would give you a big hug.
Asked: 03.23.05 Answered: 03.23.05

Q. What encourged you to do this?
A. Do you mean my domain? Well, I guess I was inspired by other people that had their own domains. I had websites before this and they were all hosted either at trulyobessed.com, really-lovely.net, and attherockshow.org. While I was hosted by all these wonderful people I really wanted to evenually get my own domain. In April of 04 I used some of my birthday money to buy bleed-black.com. Another reason I got it was because I had to quit school because of illness and I knew this would keep my mind off everything that was happening and make me happier.
Asked: 03.23.05 Answered: 03.23.05

Q. Are you hosting?
A. Hosting is closed at the moment. Check back later and it may be back up.
Asked: 03.19.05 Answered: 03.19.05

Q. Amber do you have anything you want from your internet friends as a means of support?
A. I could always use a little support. I think we all could at sometime. I will do the same thing in return for anyone who needs it.
Asked: 03.15.05 Answered: 03.18.05

Q. 5 things you want to do before you die?
A. I want to own my own record and clothing store, travel all over the world, find the love of my life, own my own house, and have one child. That's the list as of right now. It could change because I'm known to change my mind often.
Asked: 01.09.05 Answered: 01.09.05

Q. I really liked the Paris Hilton and Marilyn Manson layouts. :)
A. Thanks so much, but I couldn't keep them up forever. Do you not like my new one? You didn't mention it.
Asked: 01.02.05 Answered: 01.02.05

Q. Do you decide what your layout will look like before you make it or is it all spur of the moment?
A. I don't really plan my layouts. If I feel creative I'll go search for pictures and try to find some I like. Then I just open up my Psp7 and see where it goes from there. If I like the end result I use it and if not I delete it.
Asked: 11.22.04 Answered: 11.23.04

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