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20. Dallas. 2/9/84. Shy. Different. Creative. Liberal. Rock. Concerts. Deep Ellum. Hot Topic. Counter Culture. Moda. Mxpx. Taking Back Sunday. Marilyn Manson. Him. A Perfect Circle. No Doubt .Rancid. Slick Shoes. The Distillers. Flute. Guitar. Viola. Poetry. Drawing. Photography. Books. Movies. Video Games. Buffy. Six Feet Under. Dead Like Me. South Park. Witch Hunter Robin. The Vampire Chronicles. Eyeliner. Black. Nail Polish. Johnny Depp. Jeordie White. Ville Valo. Maynard J Keenan. Trent Reznor. Davey Havok. Guys Are Sexy With Makeup. Layout Whore. Hair Dye. Dead Monday, April 23, 2063. Worth $2,272,060.00
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Bleed Black
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Date- 01/03/05
Drinking- Nothing
Eating- Nothing
Feeling- Bored
Listening- Humming of the computer
Looking- At Ftp
Wanting- Love and Gifts
Wearing- Mickey shirt and sleap tight pj pants
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