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21. 2/9/84. Dallas. Lives In Mesquite. Bi. Single. Shy. Different. Creative. Liberal. Rock. Concerts. Deep Ellum. Hot Topic. Counter Culture. Moda. Mxpx. Taking Back Sunday. Marilyn Manson. Him. A Perfect Circle. No Doubt .Rancid. Slick Shoes. The Distillers. Flute. Guitar. Viola. Poetry. Drawing. Photography. Books. Movies. Video Games. Buffy. Six Feet Under. Carnivale. The Sopranos. Dead Like Me. The L Word. Huff. South Park. Witch Hunter Robin. The Vampire Chronicles. Eyeliner. Black. Nail Polish. Johnny Depp. Angelina Jolie. Jeordie White. Ville Valo. Maynard J Keenan. Trent Reznor. Davey Havok. Guys Are Sexy With Makeup. Layout Whore. Hair Dye. Dead Monday, April 23, 2063. Worth $2,272,060.00
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Bleed Black
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Date- 03/02/05
Drinking- Nothing
Eating- Nothing
Feeling- Stressed
Listening- To Aqua Teen on the tele
Looking- Emails
Wanting- Love and Gifts
Wearing- Tropic of Texas Music Festival shirt and grey pj pants
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