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Date- 03/02/05
Drinking- Nothing
Eating- Nothing
Feeling- Stressed
Listening- To Aqua Teen on the tele
Looking- Emails
Wanting- Love and Gifts
Wearing- Tropic of Texas Music Festival shirt and grey pj pants
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Comforting Lie is currently the featured song and it's by the band No Doubt from their cd Return Of Saturn. It is also featured on Rock Against Bush Volume 2 that was released this past August. For more information on that release visit punkvoter.com. Purchases from the cd goes to help support the organization.

I started out on the wrong foot
Now I'm not myself
I am Jekyll, I am Hyde
Found this place to hide
Come seek me
Oh, so up and down
So back and forth
So insecure
Can't get this taste out of my mouth
Swallow it down
Hold it, hold it all in
Let it build up
Build a bomb
Blow it, blow it away
Clear it all out
Just end it
I'm just a normal person
Without those problems
When did it change?
Admissions so embarrassing
I'm on the verge of tears again
Hold it, hold it all in
Let it build up
Build a bomb
And blow it, blow it away
Clear it all out
Just end it
Oh look I took the Band-Aid off
Did I take it off too soon?
Hysterical confession
My big courageous move
Don't gasp at the predictable
A comforting lie can't last
Preordained checklist of this awkward love
It's so sad
Hold it, hold it all in
Let it build up
Oh, build a bomb
Blow it, blow it away
Clear it all out
Just end it
Sort it, sort it out
Just give it back No thank you
Toss it, toss it away
Just give up
I can't decide
This tug of war

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